Albert Sirois, N1MHC, Boothbay
Damon Leibert, N1LJK, Boothbay
Pete Mac Cready, KJ1A, South Bristol
Jim Kutsch, KY2D, Damariscotta
Adam Bowen, KC1KTJ, Dresden
Spencer Knowlton, KC1PMY, Dresden
Christian Sieracki, W1ETI, Edgecomb
Beth Richards, K1XK, Jefferson
Ernest Richards, K1NI, Jefferson
Joseph Devonshire, AB1YO, Jefferson
John Porter, WB3JBK, New Harbor
Patricia Porter, KA3AAG, New Harbor
Roger Hathaway, WB2WZE, Newcastle
Joseph Douglas, KB1TCD, Round Pond
Maury Prentiss, KB1EZZ, Vassalboro
Alan Johnson, N1IEJ, Waldoboro
Giff Hammar, K1GAH, Waldoboro
Patty Hammar, K1PCH, Waldoboro
Richard Glidden, K1NYY, Waldoboro
Jason Kates, K1JAK, Westport Island
Karl Richards, K1KSR, Whitefield
Bob Soule, KC1SBK, Wiscasset
John Oakes, WC1G, Wiscasset
Basil Bowen, WV9O, Woolwich

Meeting Minutes:

Upcoming meeting agenda will be emailed to the member list and posted on the Events page


President: Jose Douglas; KB1TCD
Vice President: Giff Hammar; K1GAH
Secretary: Joe Devonshire; AB1YO
Treasurer: Damon Leibert; N1LJK


Open to any individual with interest in Amateur Radio.  Please join us at a meeting, or contact us to join or club roster and email list.  There are no dues or requirements.


The LCARC was founded in the early 1990s and fell dormant before being resurrected in 2017.


Unless otherwise posted on this website homepage the club meets the second Wednesday of even months at the CLC YMCA in Damariscotta, meeting to the right of the main entrance.